Changes and Praise

It has been awhile since I wrote, and felt it was time to update you on the ministry.

Our teen camp this summer was a huge success! We were able to increase the number of kids, so we had a ‘full house’ of 64 campers. We also had at least 4 counselors per group–something new for us! The majority of our counselors were young adults that started with us many years ago–so we are raising a ‘second generation!
The program for the moms continues and we have increased the number of families that we help.
There are a couple of changes that I want to let you know about:

We have started a children’s program. The children are learning English through art and stories. It is being led by a child psychologist who is able to assess and help them through their difficulties. It is already being quite successful, and we’re also seeing ‘knock on’ opportunities open up with the mothers.
Yuri and his wife Katya have prayerfully decided that their time with Streams in the Desert is drawing to a close. Yuri has transferred his leadership responsibilities to Oxana, and is working a reduced number of hours focusing on training up a team to work with our youth. Yuri and Katya will be leaving in March.
Thank you for your continued support. The staff and I appreciate your sacrificial prayer and giving.

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