Youth Activity 2019 – Review

Thank you so so much for all your prayers and intercession. 

Interestingly, the most persistent problem during this camp has been the technology involved in sending out our prayer request to you! 

We already knew that your prayers are making a difference, and we feel this highlights how important your involvement is.


The daily updates give a good picture of both the practical side of what was happening and also how the Lord was moving.

The after-camp youth social media frenzy (facebook, instagram etc) is full of msgs saying that they LOVED IT, and many are saying they can hardly wait for next year. 

The counsellors are saying that this year was a great experience. Many of them are ‘home grown’, having originally come to camp age 12 and been friends ever since. 

The counsellors themselves are a glorious ‘fruit’ of the Youth Activity. Their friendship as a group is strong, and their love for the Lord is passionate and focused. This year several are emerging as leaders of leaders, taking healthy ownership of aspects of the Youth Activity. Some are proposing ways of being involved with discipling the kids through the coming year, not just at camp. This is a very exciting development. 

They are part of a generation being raised up by the Lord with a passion for Him that is uncompromising and extremely intense.

The issues we brought to you in the daily prayer updates were met promptly by the Lord. We saw the evidence of His Presence and intervention in every area. 

Unity amongst all the teams, focused attention of the youth during Yuri’s talks, youth touched and responding to the Lord during worship, Godly bonding between counsellors and youth. 

Grace and appreciation between staff, an attitude of generous serving and gratitude and turning to the Lord for help in every issue.

The prayer team flowed well and with, literally, amazing grace. Everyone this year was mature in experience and gifting. There was a greater focus on corporate prayer for the youth individually, as well as one ‘team’ assigned to troubleshoot which took care of key ‘strongholds’.

The American Young Life team served wonderfully. The rappelling is a major excitement, and all the activities that they provide and run for us are fun, and immediately get the youth interacting together. We are so blessed that they give themselves to serve Youth Activity. 

Their feedback is that they experience the Presence of Holy Spirit in a more powerful way than at home, and they want the love and community that they see happening with our counsellors and youth. Some say they feel that Israel is their ‘home’. God revealing Himself through Israel is clearly presented to them, and many receive an impartation of this understanding.

Thank you so so much for your prayers and intercession. They have been powerful and effective, and we felt them and seen the breakthroughs.

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