Prayer & Praise for February

In the midst of the ongoing war and shaking in Israel, Streams in the Desert is doing very well! We are deeply grateful for your support and don’t take it for granted.

Our heartfelt welcome and deepest gratitude to all new prayer partners who joined our team recently! The most important work in the Land is accomplished through prayer!

Praise Reports

  • Last week we hosted a worship evening at the house, attended by more than 30 kids. It was a great time, and we see hunger for more gatherings like this. Thus, we will be resuming our Clubs in Beer Sheva and Ashkelon.
  • The Arad meetings are going very well. It’s wonderful to have H’s involvement, especially since Tana will likely step back next month due to her advanced pregnancy.
  • With God’s wisdom, we made some positive adjustments in the allocation of funds for the moms, dropping 3 moms engaged in potentially illegal activity. 2 of the 3 understood this and accepted it graciously. At the same time three new women are waiting for their entry interviews.
  • Despite the significant increase in financial needs, uncertainty, disruptions and pain of this war, we are extremely grateful to be in a healthy place financially. God has covered us!

Prayer Requests

  • We are looking to establish solid financial support for our youth project. As a team we need to gain new strategies and develop lasting partnerships. But we firmly believe that this also needs to be rooted in prayer. Please pray for continual grace of finances for our youth work that touches over 150 young lives in the South of Israel. 
  • Tana and Ilan would like to use a nice, new facility in Ashkelon which belongs to a wonderful Russian speaking Messianic fellowship. The pastor of this community has requested that they meet several times to get to know one another. Please pray grace over these meetings: for trust to be built, for unimportant theological differences to be minimized and for blessing to result.
  • Please pray for H (Sudanese refugee young woman) in Arad, for boldness in speaking up as she steps into more leadership in Arad. Also, she really wants to study at university. Let’s help her become the first in her community to do this and break the cycle of poverty.
  • Please pray for Oxana and Marianna as they discuss how to deal with some moms who are not becoming more financially responsible after several years of support. What motivation can they provide these moms, or will they need to cut funding?
  • Please pray for our dear friend and ministry partner I, who is undergoing a painful family crisis. We are all aware how in this season marriages and families come under sever spiritual attack. Please pray for this family of Messianic leaders in the Land to gain full victory in Yeshua.

Thank you for your prayers!

With many blessings,
Marianna and the team

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