Prayer Needs for May

Dear praying friends,
Our Passover Hike was a special success, and the one thing that was outstandingly clear was the sovereign protection of the Lord. 

Thank you so very much for praying. 
This year’s Hike was a new beginning for us, adapted from the vision of previous years. We had new leaders – 

Anna K of Streams in the Desert staff, an Arab Israeli who grew up in Gaza, and another Jewish Israeli leader from the ‘Revive Israel’ ministry.  ‘Revive’ has begun a partnership with us in various aspects of discipleship, and this was our first project working together. We had 48 youth hikers, including 16 Sudanese refugees and four Ukrainian refugees, the largest number we’ve ever had. Many were new to us, and several were non-believers. We had a leadership team of 18, prayer and worship team of 11. We had a kitchen team of 4 who produced more than 100 servings of 

every meal. The logistics were almost all new to us. 

It was a huge experiment, and we were in awe of the Faithfulness of the Lord, and thrilled by the wonderful testimonies of the hikers:

  • Several youth prayed to receive the Lord 
  • Deep connections were made between leaders and youth which will be followed up and built on
  • The Arab Israeli leader had a very strong, positive impact. Many of the youth said his talk, and being with him, was the most profound aspect of the hike. Some of the youth said their mindset and heart prejudice about the Arabs had now changed. 
  • Everybody had fun and said they would like to come back next year
  • Praise the Lord we had no injuries and no dehydration
  • Our worship volunteers at the “base” were truly amazing, dedicated and took the prayer and intercession to a new level. They were gratefully aware of your prayers, and felt encouraged and supported
  • Financially the project was completely covered.

Challenges: things to pray for next year.

  • We need wisdom as we think through our logistics for next year’s Hike
  • We would like to purchase our own equipment- please pray for provision ($8000) 
  • We need to make sure we have a strong leadership team, and volunteers who understand and are motivated to fulfill their purpose, and we need severally logistically gifted people

With many blessings and much gratitude,
Marianna and the team

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