Prayer Needs for April

Shalom dear praying friends,
I’m very excited about the update we’re going to be sending from the Hike. Thank you so  very much for praying.
Separate from that though, I wanted to let you know that Shirel, Rut’s daughter, has died. As you know, our relationship with Rut is a long one stretching back many years, and your prayers have been

a very significant part of Shirel and Rut’s quality of life. You may remember that last year, after a Prayer Blitz as well as an emailed prayer request, Rut won significant financial provision from the insurance claim for Shirel’s longer term care as a quadriplegic. Rut herself has been battling cancer, and last July she had a wonderful result from medical tests andstrengthening in her faith for complete healing.
Please could you be praying for Rut, and also for Yossi and Michael, Shirel’s brothers. It would be glorious if somehow 

the Lord could rise up in Michael and Yossi’s lives through this. Both are trapped in addictions, but Yossi – as you know from praying for him for many years – has had significant revelations of the Lord and given Him his life in the past. Shirel’s extreme physical needs have been all consuming for Rut for many years. This is going to be a massive change 

for her as she gradually comes to the realization that Shirel is not with her any more.

With blessings and gratitude,

Marianna and the team 

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