Prayer Needs for September

Dear friends and prayer partners, I wanted to share a prayer request and appeal to you for help on behalf of A’ , a new mom that I had the privilege of meeting a few days ago. 

A’ came to our ministry house a few days ago in the company of two other young women, who already take part in our single moms project. The three of them grew up together in the system and even though they all have biological siblings they are more sisters to each other then simply friends. A’ is lovely. She is smart, witty and strong. My heart immediately connected with her and her story. At the end of our conversation A’ asked if I would give her the New Testament. She said she is really curious to see what it says.

A’s biological family is so highly dysfunctional that A’ was placed in the system from the age of 4 and grew up in a boarding school. After graduation she started studying law but had to drop out after the first year because she had no money to continue. It was a couple of years ago. Today A’ is expecting a baby. When she learned about her pregnancy, her first desire was to abort. One of her biological sisters supported her in this decision, almost pressuring her. She scheduled several appointments for A’ that A’ either didn’t show up for or even when showing up, left before the procedure began. She just couldn’t go through with it. But she also felt like she couldn’t do it alone. She felt totally lonely and absolutely stuck. A’ reached out to one of the two sister friends from the boarding school. One of them had her own experience with Be’ad Haim (pro-life organisation in Israel). A’ got in touch with them and received the support she was looking for to keep the life of her baby. 

A’ is 38 weeks pregnant and her baby girl is going to come into this world very soon. A’ just rented an absolutely empty little apartment. She needs everything. But her greatest concern is that she won’t know how to connect with her new baby, or how to take care of her. A’ said to me that she has no idea what mothers do and how they are supposed to act since she doesn’t have any positive memories of her own mother. A’s income is extremely low at the moment. The rights of the biological father are under investigation by the government assistance organisations, so for the time being she is eligible for $500 a month. As you can imagine, at this stage A’ can’t work. 

Please pray for

1. Easy and healthy labor 

2. Miraculous connection with the baby. More love than A’ could ever know or imagine

3. Fast processing of her government benefits 

4. The needs of A’ and the baby to be provided for

If you would like to contribute specifically for A’, please go to our website for giving instructions. 

With gratitude and blessings,

Marianna and the team 

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