Prayer needs for December

Dear Friends and Intercessors – 

We are very thankful for these answered prayers:

  • Our initiative to make meals for the soldiers is going very well! We are able to make and deliver over 100 meals a week.
  • M. has recovered so well from her surgery that she is making about 50% of these meals herself.
  • The Kids’ programs have resumed, and also meetings with the teens in Ashkelon and Beer Sheva.
  • We are very grateful for the Sudanese in Arad as they meet together for prayer and encouragement. We started regular youth meeting for the Sudanese teens in Arad. 
  • Some SITD youth have gone to help farmers harvest their crops since many of the normal farm workers have left Israel due to the war.

Please pray for:

  • H., the young Sudanese leader working in Arad. She also served as a leader at this year’s summer camp. Grace, wisdom, vision and courage as she connects with her peers and younger believers.
  • Y., a strong believer, one of the leaders in the South, whose reserve job in the army is a terrible one: informing families in the south of the death of fallen soldiers. May God nurture, sustain and renew him. God is undoubtedly using Y’s beautiful heart and strong faith to comfort the families he meets with.
  • M. as she is looking for a job that her fragile health will allow her to do. She really needs the income.
  • Y. one of our youth to get strengthened in his relationship with the Lord. 
  • Our soldiers to be the light and the salt, and of course, to stay safe. 
  • Hostages to be returned to us as soon as possible! 

Thank you for your prayers!

With many blessings,
Marianna and the team

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