Prayer Needs for November

Dear Friends and Intercessors – 

The world has changed. We are now living in a world where “never again” is happening again. Some days it’s hard for me to breathe when I wake up, thinking of little children as hostages and of the people I love in daily danger. We need your prayers today like never before. We need your support, solidarity and kindness. I’m so grateful for seeing so many of you rallying on behalf of the little ones of Israel. Thank you!  But let’s not “get used to” this new reality. We all need to go deeper. Please pray for the people of Israel to see the beautiful face of the Messiah of Israel and to cry out to Him. He is our only hope. 

We are very thankful for these answered prayers:

  • Eliana’s baby daughter Noy has new winter clothes!
  • Liza found a new job, which she started on 11/1! We bless her with continued grace and protection.
  • While Michal didn’t get the job she was seeking, a depressing reality, she is now cooking for a new project we’ve started – preparing Shabbat dinners for the soldiers! She’s very enthusiastic and happy about this. This Shabbat, we were able to prepare 44 meals with 2 large chocolate cakes. And also some of our girls made delicious cookies for the soldiers. Abba, continue to bless this project!

Please pray for:

  • Oxana’s husband, Sasha, who has been called up to the reserves
  • Natali, who is looking for an apartment with a shelter. She is pregnant and has a 6-year old daughter and 4-year old son.
  • Yuliana, who has been very sick with fever
  • excellent logistical guidance for the Israeli soldiers, the fullness of wisdom from their commanders
  • Marianna’s flight back to Israel on the 9th of November to be guided and fully protected by angel hosts

With many blessings,
Marianna and the team

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