Prayer Needs for October

Dear Intercessors – 

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Your support means so much to us, especially at a time like this. Please continue to pray for our soldiers and young children. A few days ago, God gave me Psalm 20 to pray both over Israel and the needs of Streams in the Desert. 

Save, O Lord; the King will answer us on the day when we call. (Ps 20:10)

Please pray for our ministry and nation to be able to call upon the Lord in our distress and to trust His goodness and sovereignty in every situation. And please pray for all those suffering and grieving in our region to be able to see the Face of the Lord.

Please also pray:

  • Natali is looking for a new apartment; she needs provision and the right logistics to move, hopefully by the end of the month.
  • Yulia is overwhelmed, tired and feeling alone.
  • Noy needs winter clothes for her baby and herself.
  • Yuliana is worried about her financial situation and feels alone and depressed.
  • Liz is also worried about finances, also feeling depressed and alone.
  • Lara and son are now in Eilat, but Lara is very unstable mentally. She hasn’t been able to find help there, so we are trying to help. 
  • Leah, one of our teens, (the stress of this season is very hard on her) is in the hospital in Tel Aviv due to epileptic seizures. It’s extremely important that the doctors identify the origin of these.
  • Anna K (our staff member) is experiencing serious pain in her neck and shoulder, possibly from inflammation.
  • This 3rd week of our kids staying always at home is becoming very challenging for both them and their moms.

With love and gratitude,

Marianna and the team 

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