Prayer Needs for October

Beloved Intercessors – 

The Lord is raising up His Bride to stand against the enemy. An unprecedented prayer force from the nations is being awakened on behalf of Israel. Though easy to be discouraged by those who still don’t understand nor are aligned with God’s heart for Israel, I would love for us to keep our eyes on the many who do now carry revelation. Let’s thank God for the preparation He led us through in this last season. And pray that all believers in Israel will be strengthened and encouraged by the supernatural presence of the Lord.

I received a word from a prayer house in the U.S. that the young ones, even children, will lead in this coming spiritual battle. Please pray for the young ones in the Land to have an empowering encounter with the Holy Spirit. They need this strength!

We are thanking God that more of our families have evacuated safely to Eilat. They had rooms waiting for them upon arrival, and the moms have sent pictures of their kids settling in. We pray that the crystal-clear waters of Eilat (and plentiful ice cream) will work to calm some of the trauma and terror of this past week.

Please pray for

  • Katya B. –  a single mother of 3, with a severely disabled daughter. With all 3 kids at home due to no school, she is feeling overwhelmed, stressed and panicked.
  • Natalya S. – for wisdom, protection and a blessing on her relationship with her son.
  • Lara and son – for peace and strength as they evacuated to Eilat.
  • The following list of the teens are regular and active in our Young Life groups in BeerSheva, Eilat and Ashkelon and some of our young friends in Arad. Please pray that they draw nearer to the Lord God than ever before:

‏Sara B 
‏Maria K 
‏Netanel A 
‏Adam K 
‏Netanel O 
‏Orel P 
‏Yair R 
‏Israel K 
‏Eden I 
‏Liliana U 
‏Anna M 
‏Odelia S 
‏Michel B 
‏Lidia G 
‏Tahel R 
‏Halel R 
‏Tima M 
‏Micha G 
‏Maxim S 
‏Dvir S
‏Masha R
‏Valeria L 
‏Taisia R 
‏Alina P 
‏Irina P 
‏Rachel R 
‏Sasha I 
‏Pavel M 
‏Artyom P 
‏Lucio G
‏ Matfei K 
‏Andrei K 
‏Dima S 
‏Batel H 
‏Nirel A 
‏Sarah K 
‏Mimi P
Esther A 
Sfania I 
Chris A 
Melanie S 
Keren K 
Lior H 
Yohan O 
Emilie D 
Yan M 
Netanel M 
Benyamin M 
Yosef M 
Sarah M 
Liza K
Koral R 
Yasmin A
BatSheva C
Amalia H 
Dasha I
Avraham K
Lior H
Batel S
Samuel S
Boris F
David C
Maxim T
Lilia G
Darius I
Christo A
Mathew K
Dina A
Netanel N
Idan N
Adriana S
Liya P
Corita R
Priel S
Dasha S
Artyom M
Bruchel S
Ilia P
Jason K
Arina K 

With gratitude and blessings,

Marianna and the team 

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