Prayer Needs 1/24/2022

Dear friends and prayer partners,

This is a long letter 🙂 We asked the women in our project for prayer requests and we would appreciate your support in responding to these cries for help. 

We are doing very well by Yeshua’s grace and would like to thank you for your prayers and your support. We are able to minister the love of the Lord to many and we see wonderful fruit in gratitude, encouragement and genuine seeking. Thank you!

E. and son A

A, 13 years old. His health situation has recently been diagnosed with Myotonic dystrophy type 1: This disease is spasmodic and unpredictable. A has a very slim expectancy of living beyond 20 years old. A is also on autistic spectrum, and when he gets agitated he has intensely violent episodes. At the moment he is still physically small enough for E to ‘overpower’ him, but that will change as he gets older. 

This is excruciating for both E and A.

Prayer for A is for revelation of the Lord, and for miraculous healing.

E asks for prayer for wisdom on how to manage the deterioration of her son’s physical and mental health. E also needs emotional support and grief counselling. Without supernatural intervention she will probably have to place A in a state facility. Israel has some good facilities, but this is an almost unimaginably horrible decision for E to have to make.

B: would like prayer for the salvation of her 2 daughters of her 5 daughters

Y, 21 years old issues with gender identity issues,  and E, 22 years old who is not walking with the Lord 

M: – prayer for her health condition. Also for financial assistance – she wouldn’t survive without the help she’s receiving from SiD. M is reapplying for disability benefits, please, pray for favour. 

D, 18 years old is struggling emotionally and spiritually 

B, 14 years old; she has anorexia and recently had several episodes of fainting and falling, they are working on diagnosing her condition. 

K: desperately needs a car. 

Alone with 3 kids of 7 and under, one severely disabled, on the 4th floor without an elevator. 

D 7 years old, V 5 years old and baby N 1 year old.

V has neurological issues, and the waiting list for neurological help is 6 months to a year.


R is asking for prayer for salvation for her sons, M and Y, late 20s and early 20s.

Y – living with his brother M, both are taking drugs. Y has revelation of the Lord but constantly sucked back into lifestyle of addictions

S: daughter, quadriplegic, for acceptance into rehab facility in Ashkelon

A – health condition. Severe pain in her legs, had miraculous healing last May. However, cysts in her legs are still giving pain and she’s working as a shop assistant, so it’s very hard being on her legs all day.

B, daughter, 15 years old, ongoing episodes of severe shortness of breath. Our staff member Anna Posnyakav has been helping, taking her to hospital when the crisis happens. Tests are ongoing.

L wants prayer for my ex husband to return. L is a young Mum who is working hard and her parents are taking care of the baby.

Situation is that the ex husband is now with a new family and has children. Advice for prayer: that the Lord gives L His Shalom and releases and heals her heart from all the pain and unforgiveness associated with her husband leaving her and the baby. For the Lord to open a new door for her. 

T: asking for prayer for her health, also for relationship with her daughter L. L17 years old, not going into the army, which means she’ll be staying with T. T wants control as if L is a child, L  wants to be treated as an adult. L also has a sleeping disorder. She can’t get to sleep until 3am and then can’t wake up in the morning, which sets up conflict from the first thing in the day.

S: For health conditions connected with her kidney failure, and for cataract surgery for her second eye to be scheduled. Praise report for success of first cataract surgery. For salvation.

Ed., starts studying to be a hairdresser this month. Her prayer request is for studies to be successful so she can break the cycle of poverty in her family.

Son is 7 years old. E has learning disabilities so she can’t help her son with his schoolwork which is causing problems. Streams in the desert has a new staff member called Tanelia who is going to be helping in this situation. Ed doesn’t know the Lord yet, although she has been around Messianic believers a lot and is very open to faith. Please, pray for her salvation. 

El., Ed’s sister, has a hearing problem and is illiterate because of limited abilities. She has to move to an apartment in March and needs help. She needs financial help/ support.

Son is almost 3 years old and needs help taking care of him. She can’t communicate or educate him.

T: 13 years old from non-believing family. Parents divorced 3 years ago and he’s suffered serious trauma since then. Behavioural problems, serious eating disorder, learning disorders, can be very aggressive: He has severe problems at school being bullied – mainly because of his weight. Accepted the Lord as his saviour at summer camp., he is willing to participate in everything he can join in with eg children’s project, club, personal meetings with Syoma (male volunteer with SiD)

Prayer for healing power: for forgiveness and restoration of relationships with his Mum and Dad, for complete healing for his soul and body. He is responsive to prayer and needs so much help in every area of his life.

For Streams in the Desert:

To find a suitable house in Beersheba to move into at the end of August (when the lease expires on the house in Omer).

The purpose of the house in Beersheva: 

To be much more accessible for the teenagers, kids and mums than the current house in Omer.  

To serve as an open house for the youth where they can meet, and it will be open for them every day.

To be the meeting place for the Children’s Project. 

To  be a place and space for the Mums to come, and for many different social meetings as well as bible teaching classes.

To provide space for the office

As well as spaces for the functions listed above, this building will need to provide an apartment for Marianna to live in as her home, separate from the main space. It will also need to provide an apartment that is part of the main building for Anna Posnyakov to live in. 

Thank you once again, and please, let us know if the Lord will be speaking to you.

Many blessings!

Marianna and the team 

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