Passover Hike 2024 Report

Dear praying friends, thank you so much for your support and prayers! We want to report a very successful Passover Hike 2024 for Streams in the Desert!

Overall, we saw that the kids were refreshed, encouraged and challenged on the hike, with new relationships forming and others deepening. The kids were really longing for the connection with other believers, and we were very grateful that the hike was able to happen at all in light of the attack from Iran just a few days before. 

We thank God for your prayers and the host of angels sent to answer them and protect this hike!

  • We felt a wonderful atmosphere of fun and friendship at the campsite.
  • There was excellent teamwork from staff and volunteers, rendering logistics easy and smooth.
  • No injuries! And God strengthened some who came a bit sick to power through the days.
  • On the hikes as well as around the camp, the kids entered into very deep conversations about life and faith.
  • One camp teaching highlighted ways to hear God better and how to test every thought against scripture and/or submit them to older, more mature believers. The kids then had some quiet time to listen to the Lord.
  • Another sharing was a moving exercise of the kids forming a large circle and stepping forward each time they heard a statement that was true for them. Statements included neutral things like “I was born in Israel / I was born outside of Israel” and also more poignant things like: “There is divorce in my family.” “I’ve been told I will never amount to much in life.” The kids could see that they were not alone in their pain, and they were led to give all their hurt to the Father and look to Him alone for the solution. 
  • A testimony given by an Arab Palestinian believer, who came to support the camp, left the kids encouraged and challenged about their upcoming military service. He told a story about an IDF soldier who treated a family of Palestinians moving through Gaza so very kindly that the family was amazed and opened their hearts in a new way to their Israeli neighbors. The campers saw how the kindness of Yeshua can shine brightly, and change hearts, even in very difficult war situations.

We are looking forward to our annual Summer Camp at Mitzpeh Ramon

  • Please pray for full financial provision for the camp. 
  • Because of the war many universities had to start their Fall semester very late and have added a summer semester. Some of our leaders won’t be available to serve at the camp because of it. Please pray for provision in this as well. 
  • Please pray for the kids who were touched by God during the Passover Hike to come to camp this August. 

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