He is risen indeed!

Dear praying friends, even in the hardest of times we have deep reason for joy and hope. Yeshua has complete and undisputed victory over death. He is risen and gave us life in Him. Hallelujah! 

We thank you deeply for your prayers in this time of great shaking that is upon us. We are tired and often overwhelmed. The sadness, grief and barely-processed trauma is taking a toll. All of us seem to be working out afresh our relationship with God. Is the goodness we believe about Him really true? We struggle to align our hearts with our heads. We cling to stories of his rescue and protection during the war, for instance, the ways He protected believers from harm on Oct. 7, hiding  and protecting them from Hamas terrorists. We deeply appreciate your prayers for healing and restoration and for the Body of Messiah in the Land to shine in the light of Yeshua.

We are getting ready for our Passover Hike 

Registration is now closed with 40 teens, 15 young people and 5 support stuff attending. Please pray for all the preparations underway, especially the logistics of finding, moving and protecting all the equipment needed, and for the speakers, who will mostly be the counselors: Ilya, Anna, Eva, Marianna. Please pray for ears to hear and hearts to be greatly strengthened through this hike.

Please pray for women in our project who are struggling with serious health issues and financial difficulties. Please keep them in prayer.

  • M’s health struggles are a real hurdle in her finding a job, but she needs one. Because of fibromyalgia M finds herself in almost constant pain.
  • A. received the Lord 2 months ago (hallelujah!) but needs good discipleship. She comes from an ultra-orthodox background so her husband could object vehemently to her belief in Yeshua. A has some mental health issues that make it difficult for her to take care of her 3 little children. 
  • Another A has severe arthritis. She has a job but the pain of her condition makes everyday life hard and disheartening.
  • M suffers from severe psoriases, which affects her joints, connective tissue and mental health. M is looking for an affordable apartment to move to. 

With joy and gratitude we thank God for answering our prayers!

  • Your prayers for our youth work are bearing fruit: the children are thriving and the numbers are growing.
  • The young adult meeting in Ashkelon led by Ilan and Tana is going very well. The situation regarding the pastor of the facility in which they meet has resolved beautifully. His involvement has been nothing but a blessing to Ilan and Tana! And so a new Hebrew-speaking fellowship of young adults has been born in the Land.
  • Tana just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy! We are so excited and grateful. Both mother and baby are doing great. 

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