1. Annual Single Parent Family Conference

-Designed to provide teaching, encouragement and fellowship for 

single parent families in the Negev 

from the center of the country, both for mothers and kids

-Will include children's program, seminar for mothers and fellowship
-Venue -- Sde Boker field school
-Projected attendance - 15 families, 8 staff --  people 
-Projected cost 22,000 nis ($6100)


2. Children's music club  

-One rehearsal a week for the duration of the school year 
-Performances throughout the year in local congregations (Beer  Sheva, Arad, Sde Boker) 
-Special trip to KISI fest in Austria with a small group of kids 
-Participation of up to 20 children and youth, including children of -  Sudanese refugees from Arad. 
-Project cost: 30,000 nis ($8110)


3. Food Bank

-Designed to provide food for families in transition or financial crisis for a period up to one year
-Financial assistance is provided together with financial management counseling as well as prayer counseling and regular house visits 

-A maximum of six families will be helped with 800 shekels a month 
-Project cost - 63,400 nis ($17,140)


4. Youth program

-Worship and Bible Study meetings, monthly Youth Club meetings in Arad and in Ashkelon, one-on-one and small group discipleship 

-Project attendance: 15 youth in Beer Sheva, 20 youth in Ashkelon, 5 staff 
-Project cost (rent of the venue, transport, food): 20000 nis ($5550) 


5. Summer youth camp

-Designed to provide spiritual growth, evangelism opportunity and fellowship for the youth in the Negev
-Activities: Morning and evening youth club meetings, swimming pool, sports, arts and crafts, theater and dance workshops, prayer, fellowship and fun

-Venue - Sde Boker Field school
-Projected attendance - 45 youth, 20 staff 
-Projected cost - 52,000 nis ($14,440)


6. Pesach desert youth camping and hike

-Designed to promote spiritual growth and evangelism 
-Projected attendance:  30 kids and 15 staff 
-Projected cost 8000 nis ($2220) 


7. Celebration of Jewis Feasts with single parent and needy families 

-Designed to spread the message of Yeshua, strengthen Jewish identity, and encourage unity for our families 
-Projected attendance: 27 adults and 35 kids, 10 staff
-Projected cost 15,000 nis ($4170)


8. Staff retreat

-Designed to encourage, train and promote unity in the team 
-Projected attendance: 12 adults (plus 7 children of staff)
-Projected costs 10,000 nis ($2780)